Rogue Mocha Porter

A smooth pour to a dark, frothy head. This beer promises a richness that it doesn’t quite achieve. The bite focuses towards the tip of the tongue, and the aroma is not full enough to be complimentary. The flavor is pretty good, though I believe it more likely to appeal to a Starbuck’s denizen than a beer lover. There is a slight hint of mocha, but limited character is apparent here. I feel that this one is a disappointment from the Rogue brewery. I have enjoyed many fine pints of theirs, whether at the brewery in Newport,OR or at one of the finer watering holes, and hate to turn anyone away from them because of this negative review.
I need to make the disclaimer that I have always preferred the Rogue beers on draught over their bottled brothers and sisters. Some beers are like that. Definitely not an offensive beer, this porter goes down pretty smooth, with a very fine carbonation.

Rogue is a fabulous craft brewery, but this porter leaves me flat. Off the cuff, I’d reccomend their Younger’s Special Bitter, the Arrogant Bastard, ortheir classic Shakespeare Stout, or if you’re looking for a porter, dig into
Black Butte Porter
from Deschutte’s Brewery out of Bend, OR.

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