The Pig-n-Ford

In which grown men race old cars with pigs in their arms. A thing of beauty, the Pig-n-Ford of Tillamook County, I’ve only seen videos of it on televsion, and pictures on the internet.

A lucky man I am, having a friend Jamie Dixson, who is a great Pig-n-Ford competitor, and a good man. Perhaps I can convince him to offer up a few comments on the Pig-n-Ford. Perhaps, I can obtain an interview.

The Pig-n-Ford takes place a the the Tillamook County Fair somewhere around Tillamook, OR, where the cheese comes from .

I’ve yet to make the pilgrimage to Tillamook to see the event live, but I was fortunate enought to see a thorough filming of I believe the 1998 tournament. It was very cool, and truly a serious sport, as evidenced by the more than 50 years of history.

The vehicles that they race are modified Model T Fords, and they run them around a dirt track. I suppose they were built before roads were that prevalent anyhow, so the must be made for offroading. And thanks to the power steering technology developed in the early 20th century by Henry Ford I’m sure it was simple to steer those babies with a squirmin sqealin pig in your arm.

The amazing thing is the technique involved in this sport. It is obviously developed and passed on. I hope the best for the Pig-n-Forders, and hope to get down to see them sometime.

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  1. In my rush to do something productive with my life I neglected to watch Bridezillas. Oh, well, maybe they’ll show Boston Public sometime again.

  2. I would very much like to purchase a video of the Pig and Ford racing event. Do you have any idea if this is available, and if so, where?

    Thank you.

  3. I grew up in Tillamook County and have seen just about as many as I am old, but was never fully able to enjoy them until I was old enough to drink beer there. They rock even harder after a couple of plastic cups of cheap beer. You really should get out to see them this year. You’ll not regret it.

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